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Financial institutions, corporations and investors are under pressure to find new opportunities to grow their business and hedge their risk. Success for them means making the right call in an environment they can trust. This environment is built for speed and adaptation and balances with safety.

For more than 10 years, Eurex Group has been turning ideas into opportunities in the fastest and most challenging market conditions by trading and clearing a multi-assets product a range via benchmark technology and risk management.

In financial and commodity derivatives, bonds, repo, and post-trade service, Eurex Group is helping to shape an environment where decisions can be made quickly, reliably and with the assurance of integrity. Across Europe, North America and Asia, we foster an attitude of excellence.

This focus on excellence extends to our work with universities around the world. By working together with the world’s leading educational institutions, we aim to nurture fresh, innovative and insightful thinking. Our cooperation with the University of Warsaw is an example of this. As a sponsor of the Quantitative Finance Research Group, we help students to develop research ideas and achieve innovative solutions.

Eurex Group is a firm believer that the world’s most ambitious students help us maintain our ambition as the world’s leading financial markets organiser.

For more information visit us at or interact with us via Facebook and Twitter @EurexGroup.