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OSTC is a leading global trading company that specialises in exchange traded products in all the major asset classes with 12 offices across Europe, North America and Asia. It is viewed as one of the leading global liquidity providers by the majority of exchanges.

OSTC was founded in 1999 in London. By 2005, it had expanded operations to include Warsaw, in Poland, investing in talent and technology to provide opportunities for highly driven individuals to develop their skills and accelerate their careers. In 2009, we added Swansea to the 5 offices in Poland proving our sustainable and scalable business model.

In 2011, OSTC is in 12 locations across the UK, Eastern and Continental Europe and Asia. Though a great deal has changed over the years, even more has remained a constant: our investment in people, our disciplined, risk averse processes, the growing opportunities on both a corporate and personal level, and our commitment to integrity and to building our reputation.

OSTC ambition is to be the global leader within its chosen markets by maximizing the potential of every trader and every trading opportunity. So far, OSTC’s sophisticated, scalable business model has resulted in systematic, stable international growth since their inception. By investing in new markets and innovating new techniques, they have developed a unique, risk averse approach to trading that sets new standards and produces consistent, sustainable results. By investing in people, OSTC turn disciplined young traders into successful partners: monitoring, mentoring, and empowering them along a powerful developmental career path.

This mix of highly disciplined techniques and highly driven humans delivers clear commercial benefits: a unique combination of hands-on approach and proprietary process that mitigates risk, and enhances returns. Passion and professionalism, determination and discipline, innovation and integrity, and consistent attention to detail – these qualities define OSTC.

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